All Sports in All Algarve

ALLgarveSports is a professional company that specialises in training camps and sports tours in the Algarve – Portugal.
We cover all of the major team sports such as Football, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Gaelic Football, Gaelic Hurling, Handball, Indoor Football, etc., as well as the most demanding individual sports like Golf, Triathlon, Athletics, Tennis, Swimming, Padel, etc.. We also organize Tournaments and Events all year around.
The Algarve is of course known for its beautiful sandy beaches. Besides that, the fantastic weather delivers almost year round dry sunny days, which makes enjoying outdoor life a way of life.
With warm temperatures between 15ºC and 31ºC, little rain and plenty of sunshine – an average of 3500 hours annually – the Algarve coast enjoys one of the most reliable climates in Europe. This is an open invitation to play sports in all seasons.
All Algarve is definitely perfect for all the sports you can imagine, with high quality sports facilities.

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