We appreciate and know that organise a Paralympic Camp is different from all other training camps that we organise.

ALLgarveSports aim is, to provide the ideal environment to enable both the coaches and athletes to gain the maximum benefit from their time away.

The Algarve is the perfect place for your preparation. With warm temperatures between 15ºC and 31ºC, little rain and plenty of sunshine, fantastic and specific sport facilities for athletics, boccia, swimming, archery, football 5 a side and 7 a side, goalball, judo, powerlifting, table tennis, volleyball (sitting), wheelchair basketball, wheelchair fencing, wheelchair rugby and wheelchair tennis.

Whether you are a coach from a paralympic team or individual we know, that everyone have always a different approach, goals and expectations for their Paralympic Camp.

Our experience tells us that individual requests are really important. Our dedicated and qualified staff will create tailor made packages accordingly to your requests and budget, taking in consideration the following:

  • Accommodation (spacious rooms, spacious bathrooms, spacious areas, disable bathrooms)
  • Duration of your camp
  • Special and specific training facilities for paralympic sports
  • Nutritional requirements
  • Specific medical assistance (hospitals and private clinics)
  • Transport (for ambulant athletes, support staff, accessible transport for wheelchair users)
  • Other facilities (meeting room, changing room, physio room, storage, kit room)
  • Leisure facilities
  • Extra activities
  • etc..

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